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Affordable SEO Services and Plans

San Diego Web Designs has created a few standard affordable SEO services to give our customers an idea on what type of budget we require. Proper long term expert SEO Services takes time and patience. Other Affortable SEO Services Plans

Expert SEO Services - Ocean Beach Plan

Have a small site and short time schedule? Our expert SEO services Ocean Beach Plan will provide you with up to 12 optimized pages. All terms will be researched to ensure the terms we target are actual terms that users are searching for. A detailed list of approx. 30 terms will be provided for you to review and choose which best suits your content. From there we will assign two or three terms to each page we plan on providing our affordable SEO services too. We will then create custom title and meta tag information for each page. During the provided expert SEO services, San Diego Web Designs will also ensure your website is compliant with Section 508 Accessibilities Act. Estimated time to complete – 3 to 5 weeks.

SEO Service Extras
Expert SEO Site Design ($1500-$3000)
Affordable SEO Copywriting ($175 per page)
Religu plan ($12 per link, packages of 100)
PPC campaign management ($500 for every 40 terms)
Deep Submission Services (check search engine costs + $100)
Press Releases Services (1 per month of contract $65 ea. plus submission costs)

Expert SEO services consulting by the hour (purchased in pre-paid packages)
$115 per hour 1-10 hours per month
$85 per hour 10-20 hours per month
$65 per hour 20-25 hours per month

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